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President Feb 20

Thoughts on Jamaat Al Muslimeen and the Death of Omar Abdel Rahman


I send you condolences for your recent loss of Omar Abdel Rahman, may Allah grant him Paradise if he is worthy.


You ask: Why did Allah Almighty allow Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman to suffer for so long, 20 years, in solitary confinement, a helpless blind man suffering from diabetes and other ailments?

Irrespective of what you surmise, he like many immigrant Muslims immigrated to this oppressive nation, seeking from the racist oppressive government of the United States what has been denied to non-white citizens since 1776, and yet, rich upper class Muslims immigrate to a land of oppressors.


In her very heart felt Press Statement, in the New Trend Magazine, Nadrat Siddique, a Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Majlis-e-Shura member writes:


"Fleeing the Egyptian regime's torture, Dr. Abdel Rahman sought political asylum in the U.S., which he viewed as a land of freedom of expression, and whose laws he repeatedly emphasized must, in accordance with Islamic rules on guest-host relations, be respected by all Muslims who sought asylum therein, including himself."--New Trend Magazine


The Editor goes on to cite several injustices done to Dr. Rahman, by Siraj Wahaj, and I'll just list two of them which are germane to this response:


"....SIRAJ WAHHAJ played the dirtiest role in helping the Zionists to sentence the Blind Shaykh. He was called as a defense witness but he supported the prosecution by claiming, without being asked about it, that the Shaykh supported "robbing banks." This dastardly crook Siraj Wahhaj does not know Arabic and thus could not have known what the Shaykh said at a meeting in the mosque. He volunteered this slander.


a. Not only was Siraj unrepentant, he glorified himself in a huge friendly interview with the Wall Street Journal. He also boasted of his ties with the government in particular Medeleine Albright, a US Secretary of State who justified the slow death of 500,000 Iraqi children under US sanctions [which probably instigated the 9.11 attacks].


b. Siraj WahhaJ was the idol of ICNA, CAIR and ISNA for years as the epitome of Islamic truth! These groups for decades had close ties with the FBI which helped it to infiltrate Muslim communities all over America. "---New Trend Magazine.


Further in this week editions in a related Editorial, the Editor opines:


"Upper/middle Class Muslim Americans: Feeling Threatened as if it's the end of the World owing to Trump -- by Kaukab Siddique, PhD


Jamaat al-Muslimeen urged Muslims to realize that both political parties have anti-Islam viewpoints and we should not vote for either. Upper class Muslim Americans as usual ignored the Jamaat advice and voted for Hillary. They all fervently believed that Hillary would win. They are now in a state of shock because Trump won.


The media also went into action. A massive campaign was launched to delegitimize Trump's victory. Well-orchestrated deception was set in motion. Look at this:


1. Trump's plan to stop people coming in from 7 countries was actually started by Obama. The problem at the airports was created by a much sterner Trump order which officials took to mean that green card holders were also blocked. Once that was cleared up, flights resumed. However, the upper class Muslims felt terrorized and have become complete slaves of the Hillary-Obama-Zionist machine.


2. Muslims of the upper/middle class have opened themselves to pro-Democrat propaganda on the major media. A specific example: Bill Mahr, a Jew who claims to be an atheist, was given as entire HOUR on CNN. He habitually attacks religion, particularly Islam. These rich Muslims have not protested. [In fact they have not protested ANY attacks by the USA on the Muslim world.]


3. Panic stricken as these rich Muslims are, they have accepted unity with the LGBTq groups [the entire homosexual movement]. Thus these rich mosque communities who pray and fast are openly supporting the groups whose activities are most explicitly condemned in the Qur'an.


4. Obama deported millions of undocumented "aliens." Trump is doing the same but his deportations are highly publicized by the Zionist media, again creating fear and anxiety among upper/middle class Muslims.


5. Obama vowed to destroy the Islamic State and put together an international coalition to bomb the Muslim fighters. This is a daily bombing campaign, Trump says that he will do more than Obama to destroy IS. Not much of a difference in reality. US special forces and the British military are already there. This does put up the threat level that IS might attack America. The only two attacks were during Obama's regime."-----New Trend Magazine.

I could not determine, nor has there ever been sufficient enough evidence presented to me, nor did I find such evidence contained in the transcript of Dr. Rahman’s trial, that Dr. Rahman had anything to do with February 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, and it is unfortunate that the Nadrat, Kaukab, Lynn Stewart, who was his attorney and other others who were associated with Dr. Rahman were harassed, detained, vilified and or jailed by the United States.

What is more unfortunate is that he was charged with violating 18 USC  2384 “Seditious Conspiracy” allegedly for solicitation to murder Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, conspiracy to murder President Mubarak, solicitation to attack a U.S. military installation, and conspiracy to conduct bombings, and not for actually having bombed the World Trade Center as is reported in the Zionist controlled news.

With that said, during the Jamaat Al Muslimeen Shura meetings, my question to you all was always “What is the End Game for Jamaat Al Muslimeen”---given the totality of all that you have expressed above, Why do you Muslims who have immigrated here expect anything different from this racist system of government and commerce?

Immigrant Muslims have come here and joined on with oppressors, just like Black Muslims by the names of Siraj Wahjaj, Warith Deen Mohammad, Khalifa Hamaas Abdul Khaalis, and as I have pointed out on more than one occasion,”… the Islam that the immigrant sectarian hadithist brought to the United States was devoid of the militancy, it lacked the demand for Justice, and it did not contain a Separatist Black Nationalist Agenda for the oppressed black people of the United States”.--- David Anthony Wiggins©. The Myth of an American Ummah 


What kind of Islam is it that joins the Zionist Feminism of Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem and Gloria Allred preaching “equality” rather than the “fairness” in marital and social matters, equality as found in Al Qur’an, only relates to inheritance and other mathematically calculated proportions and distribution of property---it has absolutely nothing to with Justice and Fairness, and yet this is what is adopted by CAIR, ISNA ICNA and other sects that are moving toward the secularism of the West.

Even Jamaat Al Muslimeen has aligned its members with the homosexual led, George Soros funded “Black Lives Matter” and one of the Jamaat members runs marathons wearing a tee-shirt purporting the same---this is not backbiting, it is reality, a reality wherein, you cannot join with oppressors and hope to succeed in Islam.

You go on to surmise accurately when you wrote:

“My surmise is that the Muslims of America were being tested and the Muslims, with few exceptions, failed miserably”.----New Trend Magazine

Immigrant Muslims have grown wealthy selling alcohol, birth control, lottery, weapons, cigarettes, pork, drug paraphernalia, and working for racist government and private institutions, including the Department of Defense , that is killing Muslims in Asia, Africa and the U.S.---how then do you expect to succeed.

You didn’t like me saying these things but these times where whites in the United States have turned on you, unless you join them in their wickedness have come upon you, and it is like I have been saying to you, Al Qur’an is the best and final criterion to lead to our success in resisting oppressors and oppression---even if we have to separate from them.

I offer you condolences for your lost, I know personally how much Dr. Rahman’s cause met to Kaukab, Nadrat, Ali and other members of Jamaat Al Muslimeen.

©2017 David Anthony Wiggins©, All rights reserved

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