A Response to Jamaat al Muslimeen on Syria from President's blog

A Response to Jamaat al Muslimeen on Syria


Every now again something is brought to my attention that I as a Muslim must speak on, and on this evening of the beginning of the Passover feast which is dedicated to Allah removing Israel from bondage, I'm moved to speak out on this.


A link to the New Trend Magazine edited by Dr. Kaukab Siddique, who is also the Ameer of Jamaat al Muslimeen, and Masjid Jamaat al Muslimeen was posted to my timeline, which contained an article entitled:


"Jamaat al-Muslimeen Supports strike on Assad's air base but one shot will not do it"


Dr. Siddique begins his article with a supplication praising Allah for "...Assad getting some of his own medicine" and praising Donald Trump for his "Great work" and exclaiming "Do it again Mr. Trump!". He goes on in this brief article to label Assad "The Devil in Damascus" and makes the claim that he has murdered a quarter million civilians.

Dr, Siddique goes on to list  the ..".united forces of Alawites, Iran, , Russians, Shias and hizb ush shaitan" as against the "Muslims".

Dr. Siddique knows or should know that the majority of the people of Syria are of the Sunni sect to which he belongs, he knows or should know that the majority of the Syrian Army is comprised of Sunnis, and that the Shia and Allawites are actually a minority in the Syrian Army and government.

Dr. Siddique knows or should know that the Iranians, who he once enjoyed cordial relations with the government of Ayatollah Khomeini during the days of the "Iranian Revolution", and that Iran has been a faithful and ardent supporter of the liberation of Palestine.

Irrespective of the aforementioned facts, Dr. Siddique is a scholar of Al Qur'an, an Imam, and the Ameer of a Muslim community that proclaims to adhere to the following  Al Qur'an, and "Authentic Hadith"

It appears to that none of this seems to matter to Dr. Siddique when it comes to the NATO backed groups who are murdering  the people of Syria, maybe it's because of his support of the Muslim Brotherhood who for 40 or more years wanted to destroy the secular governments of  so-called Arab countries, but to be honest, this is purely speculation on my part.

What concerns me is that Dr. Siddique has called for the removal of Gadhafi in Libya and supported the same ISIS groups that have destroyed Libya for NATO and Israel irrespective of the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood of Syria, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, Jaysh al-Sunna, and others are all armed by the US/NATO/Israel/ Saudi Alliance.

It has taken me two days to get through this because I didn't want to allow my  very sordid personal relationship with Dr, Siddique to interfere with my objectivity regarding this matter, and it is only through the grace of Allah that the events of today April 13, 2017 has confirmed what I had already written to Dr. Siddique on a medium he controls that has been erased, nonetheless,  time has proven the point I'm making.

Today, April 13, 2017 President Trump heard Dr. Siddique and granted him his wish to "Do it again Mr. Trump!" but he didn't drop a 22,000 pound Lithium laced bomb in Syria on the Shia and Alawite Muslims that Dr. Siddique hates, today President Trump waged chemical warfare on Afghanistan, purportedly against ISIS----I guess we should be careful what we wish for. Dr. Siddique took sides with an oppressor government against Muslims who use an identical Qur'an.

And this is the problem with Dr. Siddique's position of begging Mr. Trump to kill one side of a Muslim conflict against another and aligning himself with the enemies of Allah and Muslims irrespective of their sectarian differences.


وَمَا‌ ك‍‍َ‍انَ لِمُؤْمِنٍ

‌أَ‌نْ يَ‍‍‍قْ‍‍‍تُلَ مُؤْمِنا‌‌ ً‌ ‌إِلاَّ‌ خَ‍‍‍طَ‍‍أ‌ ً‌ ۚوَمَ‍‌‍نْقَ‍‍تَلَمُؤْمِناًخَ‍‍‍طَ‍‍أ‌‌ًفَتَحْ‍‍ر‍ِ‍ي‍‍رُ‌‌‍رَقَ‍‍بَةٍمُؤْمِنَةٍوَدِيَةٌمُسَلَّمَة‌‍ٌ‌‌إِلَ‍‍ىأَهْلِهِإِلاَّأَنْيَ‍‍صَّ‍‍دَّ‍‍قُ‍‍و‌ا‌ۚفَإِ‌نْك‍‍َ‍انَمِ‍‌‍نْقَ‍‍‍وْمٍعَدُ‌وّ‌ٍ‌لَكُمْوَهُوَمُؤْمِن‌‍ٌ‌فَتَحْ‍‍ر‍ِ‍ي‍‍رُ‌‌‍رَقَ‍‍بَةٍمُؤْمِنَةٍۖوَإِنْك‍‍َ‍انَمِ‍‌‍نْقَ‍‍‍وْمٍبَيْنَكُمْوَبَيْنَهُمْمِيث‍‍َ‍اق‌‍ٌ‌فَدِيَةٌمُسَلَّمَة‌‍ٌ‌‌إِلَ‍‍ىأَهْلِ‍‍هِوَتَحْ‍‍رِي‍‍رُ‌‍رَقَ‍‍بَةٍمُؤْمِنَة‌‍ٍ‌ۖفَمَ‍‌‍نْلَمْيَجِ‍‍دْ‌فَ‍‍صِ‍‍ي‍‍َ‍امُشَهْ‍رَيْ‍‍نِمُتَتَابِعَ‍‍يْ‍‍نِتَوْبَةًمِنَاللَّ‍‍هِۗوَك‍‍َانَاللَّ‍‍هُعَلِيماًحَكِيماً


Wa Mā Kāna Limu'uminin 'An Yaqtula Mu'umināan 'Illā Khaţa'anۚWa Man Qatala Mu'umināan Khaţa'an Fataĥrīru Raqabatin Mu'uminatin Wa Diyatun Musallamatun 'Ilá 'Ahlihi~ 'Illā 'An YaşşaddaqūۚFa'in Kāna Min Qawmin `Adūwin Lakum Wa Huwa Mu'uminun Fataĥrīru Raqabatin Mu'uminatinۖWa 'In Kāna Min Qawmin Baynakum Wa Baynahum Mīthāqun Fadiyatun Musallamatun 'Ilá 'Ahlihi Wa Taĥrīru Raqabatin Mu'uminatinۖFaman Lam Yajid Faşiyāmu Shahrayni Mutatābi`ayni Tawbatan Mina AllāhiۗWa Kāna Allāhu `Alīmāan Ĥakīmāan


It is not for a believer to kill a believer unless (it be) by mistake. He who hath killed a believer by mistake must set free a believing slave, and pay the blood-money to the family of the slain, unless they remit it as a charity. If he (the victim) be of a people hostile unto you, and he is a believer, then (the penance is) to set free a believing slave. And if he cometh of a folk between whom and you there is a covenant, then the blood-money must be paid unto his folk and (also) a believing slave must be set free. And whoso hath not the wherewithal must fast two consecutive months. A penance from Allah. Allah is Knower, Wise.---- Suratul An Nisa (4:92)


How does one praise Allah and cheer on an oppressor in killing Muslims, but yet call for peace when the same oppressors are killing Muslims here in the United States.

It is no mistake that Dr. Siddique essentially and seemingly most gleefully begged the head of the "Great Satan" to "Do it again Mr. Trump!". It is no mistaking that he has aligned himself with Satan against Shia and Alawites who pronounce La ilaha ila Allah, just like he does.

But Al Qur'an goes further with respect to a Muslim killing another Muslim on purpose:

وَمَ‍‌‍نْ يَ‍‍‍قْ‍‍‍تُلْ مُؤْمِنا‌ ً‌ مُتَعَ‍‍مِّ‍‍د‌ا‌‌ ً‌ فَجَز‍َ‍‌ا‌ؤُهُ جَهَ‍‍نَّ‍‍مُ خَ‍‍الِد‌ا‌‌ ً‌ فِيهَا‌ ‌وَ‍‍غَ‍‍‍ضِ‍‍بَ ‌اللَّ‍‍هُ عَلَ‍‍يْ‍‍هِ ‌وَلَعَنَ‍‍هُ ‌وَ‌أَعَدَّ‌ لَ‍‍هُ عَذَ‌اباً‌ عَ‍‍ظِ‍‍يماً              

Wa Man Yaqtul Mu'umināan Muta`ammidāan Fajazā'uuhu Jahannamu Khālidāan Fīhā Wa Ghađiba Allāhu `Alayhi Wa La`anahu Wa 'A`adda Lahu `Adhābāan `Ažīmāan


Whoso slayeth a believer of set purpose, his reward is hell for ever. Allah is wroth against him and He hath cursed him and prepared for him an awful doom. ----Suratul An Nisa (4: 93)

So here we have Dr. Siddique, who is a Muslim, shamelessly begging a polytheistic oppressor to bomb other Muslims, because they aren't from his particular sect, when there aren't supposed to be any sects in Al Islam according to Al Qur'an---and gleefully begging him to "Do it again Mr. Trump!".

This is of concern to me in that Dr. Siddique, and Jamaat al Muslimeen, purport to defend the right of oppressed people, with a special emphasis on Black people and so-called African-Americans, who are being oppressed right here in the United States, by the very government he is begging to bomb Muslims.

He claims to fight for the rights of Imam Jamil al Amin (H. Rap Brown), who is serving a sentence in a United States federal prison, he says that Muslims in the United States must find a "non-violent" means of resistance, and he states at the New Trend Magazine website, "OUR PURPOSE  Bring up the Oppressed (Mustadafeen) Bring down the Oppressor (mufsideen), but he cheers on an oppressor in his wicked oppression based on sectarian differences.

My people are oppressed and suffer daily from a structurally racist system of government and commerce whose policies and practices amount to systematic destruction, and it is in this Passover Season, that these things are occurring, a time when Allah gave to Moses (Musa) the scriptures (Torah), which Al Qur'an acknowledges as a source of guidance for the Muhammad and the Muslims.



Qul Fa'tū Bikitābin Min `Indi Allāhi Huwa 'Ahdá Minhumā 'Attabi`hu 'In Kuntum Şādiqīna

  Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Then bring a scripture from the presence of Allah that giveth clearer guidance than these two (that) I may follow it, if ye are truthful.---

Sūrat Al-Qasas (28:49).

I can’t imagine Moses going to Pharaoh and begging Pharaoh to kill a part of the Hebrew people who differed over a schism from him, nor can I imagine Yahshua(Isa) going to Pilate and begging Pilate to kill the Pharisees and Sadducees because he was in disagreement with them?

How then does any Muslim Imam who is a scholar of Al Qur’an justify a Muslim community supporting the bombing of any other Muslims by the United States?

Instead of begging Mr. Trump to bomb Muslims, he should be supplicating to Allah for the destruction of the United States.

In keeping the Feast of Unleavened Bread, I as a Muslim accept that which was given to Moses as clear guidance, and in this time, I supplicate to Allah to destroy our oppressors and to lead my people out of captivity that we have suffered under for nearly 400 years.

Furthermore, because of my marriage to Nadrat Siddique, the youngest daughter of Dr. Siddique, I shall always be tied to Jamaat al Muslimeen by the FBI and Homeland Security, hence, as a member of the community; I disassociate myself with Dr. Siddique’s support of the murder by bombing of Syrian Muslims, by the United States.

There is a war being waged against Islam by the Western Nations, and that war has raged on for the last 1400 years, and it was because of the defeat of the Moors in 1490 that the Western nations were jettisoned into a position of worldwide military and economic dominance.

But in the same New Trend edition Dr. Siddique states the following in his editorial:


Dictators like Sissi and Bashar Assad, the Shias of Baghdad and the Kabul    regime use minorities like Christians, Yazeedis and Shias to bolster their     ruling cliques. Over time these groups have become alienated from majority         Muslim communities and continue to cooperate with oppressors.

 Islamic fighting groups are being hit hard by dictators and kings. They do not have the media to reach out globally and explain their viewpoints or heavy weapons needed to fight back. Even Al-Jazeera English could not survive in America although it made many concessions to American viewpoints.

 ISIS has AMAQ media but the US constantly tries to knock it off the air and to get its twitter accounts canceled.

 Most fighting groups are influenced by the words of Shaykh Osama bin Laden who said that if you hurt our people, we will hurt yours.

 My suggestion is that instead of constant retaliation, we should try communication, discussion and dialogue. Islam cannot be defeated, inshaAllah. This is not Germany or Japan. Islam is not territorial or racial. Only an estimated 5% or less of the global Muslim population is supporting the fighters. What should concern America is that the percentage is slowly but steadily going up, not down.

The future should be for mutual respect and acceptance of self-determination and not attempts at subjugation, deception and bombing. People of Mosul, Raqqa and Aleppo have not asked America or Russia to "liberate" them. Neither churches nor mosques-homes should be bombed.—SOURCE: New Trend Magazine Edition 1701.

There is a level of cognitive dissonance in the words and positions of Dr. Siddique, I won’t call him a hypocrite, but supporting the bombing of Syria by Donald Trump can certainly raise a reasonable inference that he is.

There are no Shia in power in Afganistan, they are a minority and when in 2011, Pakistani groups began a bombing campaign against the Shia in Afghanistan, the Taliban condemned the attacks as was reported by Interviewee: Brian Fishman, Counterterrorism Research Fellow, New America Foundation, Interviewer: Jayshree Bajoria, Deputy Editor, CFR.org December 14, 2011 in the Council of Foreign Relations magazine called Foreign Affairs:


The Taliban condemned these attacks. Why?

The Taliban wants to be seen as a legitimate movement that can represent Afghans. Certainly we don't think of them in those terms, but that's how the traditional Taliban leadership conceives of themselves, as an organization that has a claim to a leadership role in Afghanistan. [This attack] was clearly aimed at civilians -- even if it as aimed at a sect that is despised by many members of the Taliban, it was still aimed at Afghans--and the Taliban wants to maintain their ability to have a claim on control on all of Afghanistan. An attack like this doesn't accord with that, so that is why they have condemned the attack, and will probably do so in the future.—Source:


So contrary to Dr. Siddique’s analysis, the Shia aren’t in power in Afghanistan, but Donald Trump bombed Sunni and Shia alike with the “Mother of All Bombs”, and I wonder if this gave some sort of weird orgasmic satisfaction to Dr. Siddique.

This is of concern to me again, because Masjid Jamaat al Muslimeen is attended by mostly African-Americans, it is located in the Wilson Park/Govans area of northeast Baltimore, and is attended by some of my childhood, teen and early adulthood friends and acquaintances from that area, that I grew up in.

Many of the follow Dr. Siddique without any critical examination of his teachings and positons, many of which are based in what is called “Sunnah” or Hadiths, for which there is no direct authority for in Al Qur’an.

There was never a time when I would’ve followed Dr. Siddique without question, in fact, I questioned everything he taught, including his reliance on hadith, which I refuse to acknowledge as essential to being a Muslim, hence, I’m called a hadith rejecter, but on that score, Dr. Siddique and many hadithist reject what was revealed to Moses in contradistinction to what is clearly written in Sūrat Al-Qasas (28:49) of Al Qur’an.

So, during this Festival of Unleavened Bread, which is incumbent on even us Muslims, I supplicate to Allah (Yvhh Alahim, and Aloh for my Hebrew, and Aramaic speaking People of the Book) to defeat and destroy the United States and to wipe it from the pages of time for its crimes against the children of Ysrael, who are called “Black, “Colored”, “Negro” and “African-American” by the government and media of the United States.

May there be a uniting of Asia and the houses and clans of all the seed of Ibrahim, and the People of the Book, and may those who have stolen our identities and traditions be brought low and made to be our footstool.

To Dr. Siddique and all immigrant Muslims, and so-called African-American Muslims who have joined on with the oppressive government of the United States, you cannot serve two masters,  it causes cognitive dissonance, you appear to be hypocrites, and you shall be destroyed with those who seek to force their unjust system of government and commerce on the whole of the planet.

I leave you all with my favorite quote from Samuel P. Huntington’s A Clash of Civilizations:

“The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion […] but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.” ― Samuel P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

© 2017 David Anthony Wiggins©, All rights reserved

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