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Man’s law

The media is usually in a drunken frenzy over legislation by CONgress because modem man believes that the nation’s salvation depends on what happens in Washington. Humanistic law originates with man who believes that man is the measure of all things. Humanists believe laws can save society; that morality is the fruit of legislation; that man-made law can shape and “change” men; that law can produce the “Great Society.” And, most politically active Christians believe the same—right law can change America.

When president-elect BarackObama promised “change” the crowds cheered with a frenzy. Hope for change had arrived in history. Why, because humanists believe that new laws can usher in a brave new world, a new age, a new hope for mankind; that the state can reform men; that the state can control man’s behavior by passing more statutes to regulate what men eat, think, do, and say. In essence, legislation not only produces the desired morality of humanists but salvation through the medium of law. Modem man believes, “If we just pass more laws, we can make America perfect!!” Humanistic law seeks the salvation of mankind and the remaking of society. For humanists, salvation is an act of the STATE. Paradise is created by government. President Barak Obama reflects this view when he stated circa July 16, 2010, “My fate . . . my salvation is not going to come about without collective salvation”; that is, saving of society through legal reform.

God’s law

The Biblical law model rejects the false hope that legalism leads to the salvation of society. The Ten Commandments originates with the “LORD thy God who brought thee out of Egypt” wherein God’s character is the measure of all things (Ps. ll9:l37). Because American law generated from Biblical faith, early American law did not try to save men or create the “great society” or “a brave new world” or “eliminate poverty” or usher in “world peace.” To the Biblical mind, any trust in Washington is idolatry. Put not your “trust in princes,” warns the Scripture (Ps. 118:9). Biblical law existed to protect law- keepers and to punish law-breakers. While the enforcement of Biblical law can restrain sinners, it cannot change and transform them. Salvation is not connected to law but to true religion. The gospel of Christ is not about how God’s law can save society, but how Christ redeems sinners through His work on the cross. Law is good and proper in its place, but law cannot remake society. The basic purpose of law is to restrain, not regenerate.

Can We Legislate Morality?

When confronted with Christian law, the liberal politician presents his counterclaim, "You can't legislate morality." Hoping to kill the reform, the politician then accuses the sponsor of the bill of trying to force his morality on Americans. "You can't legislate morality" is a dangerous half-truth, even a lie because ALL legislation represents somebody's morality. All legislation is concerned with somebody's morality. Laws against stealing and murder and slander represent morality in the Ten Commandments: thou shall not steal or thou shall not murder or thou shall not bear false witness. Law is the science of good and evil. All law is concerned about morality. The issue is not whether law represents morality but "Who's morality is going to rule in society—the morality of the womanizer or the law of the family man; the law of the lesbian or the law of the straight woman; the law the energetic business man or the law of the welfare recipient; the law of American worker or the law of the Big Bankers?

There are different kinds of morality: there is the law of the Moslem and there is the law of the Christian; there is the law of the Hindu, Buddhist, Humanist, atheist, and humanist. Which will rule society? Since all law has a religious foundation, the question is "Who religion is going to rule society?" Currently, Moslems have been successful in forcing Sharia food laws on restaurants in Minnesota. Mexico has been effective in influencing the administration to liberalize laws against illegal aliens.

President Obama has succeeded in enacting his socialistic, heath care values on Americans. Laws reflect morality, and during this season in history, the religious values of liberal socialists prevail. Law and order in America is deteriorating because Christians are antinomian in their faith and because the religion of humanism pervades society. Biblical foundations are denied by the courts in preference for the tyrannical laws of reigning humanist legislators. Christian law is viewed as oppressive, even criminal, because Christian law forbids adultery, murder, fornication, false advertising, homosexuality, abortion, and fraud—something humanists promote in the name of "freedom"or "change." "You can't legislate morality" is a misnomer at best and a complete lie at the most. Keep in mind that every time that legislators are in session, some representative is seeking to force his or her religious values on the rest of by legislating his or her morality. When Christian law rules freedom and truth and justice prevail; when humanistic law or Sharia law rules, moral perversion and tyranny and death prevail.

- Laws Of The Bible Copyright SovereigntyEducation And Defense Ministry

After reading this, Do you now question what the actual solution is to overcome what we are witnessing on this land they call the U.S Government?

Do you now question all the Federal/State/City officials, lawyer's, activist, non profits, grass roots organizations, corporations, pastors/bishops/popes that are purposefully gate-keeping the spiritual truth from you?

If not.. You should be NOW... - A Sound Mind

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and a sound mind.

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By Maurice Ashby
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